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This week, it's all about the rainforest...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Green Mamba kind of a day - Roaming in the Rainforest with a preschooler

With a blink of an eye, summer is almost here and Little Mama's first year in preschool is done!  Wow.  It's incredible how fast it all flew by.   

Now that we're shifting gears into summer and thinking about vacation, the reality is sinking in that we're not going anywhere exotic anytime soon.  Booooo.  But that doesn't mean we can't dream.  So....  

This week, we're roaming through the rainforest.  Our cardboard rainforest--that is.  Check out our cardboard trees.

Okay, these trees are not the most glamorous--and I admit it, borderline ridiculous (and probably a fire hazard, as well), but we had this huge piece of cardboard sitting in our front room and I just couldn't help myself.  

This is what happens when I sit down to watch TV and have nothing else to do...

Our Green Mamba Paper Plate Snake

The thing is, we've been talking about snakes recently.  Little Mama's obsessed.  She loves snakes.  I mean, loves them.  But not just any garden variety.  Only the dangerous ones with lots of venom.  The more venom, the better.  Seriously.  Little Mama's fierce.  What can I say?  

Soooo, rather than tone down the scary talk of all this poison, we've chosen a different path.  We're celebrating it and talking about all the amazing and--ok, dangerous creatures in the rainforest.

First up, snakes..  Check out our gazillion different iterations.

Our Paper Plate Snake
Little Mama was quite excited to work on a snake, as you can only imagine.

She rapidly painted (note the tail is not fully done) and couldn't wait to cut it up.  

The Western Green mamba is highly venomous and is found mainly in the coastal tropical rainforest, thicket and woodland regions of western Africa.    


Egg-carton Snake

Of course we had to try it with an egg carton too.  

And then there's the paper mache version.
Paper Mache Snake

Let me just say that I highly recommend paper mache crafts with your little ones this summer, in case you're looking for something fun, cheap, and creative to do.  All it requires is flour, water, and newspaper.  Super simple, although potentially messy.

Messes never scare us.  

Little Mama was involved in all the stages of our paper mache production.  She ripped up the newspaper into shreds.

 And happily mixed up our water and flour to make the glue.  We don't use measurements.  We just pour, mix, and adjust accordingly until we have a consistency like pancake batter.     

Then we dipped our newspaper strips and pasted away.  See what I mean about messes....

Needless to say, Little Mama loved it!

We've been rocking out to our rainforest tunes, thanks to Spotify...

Can't wait to see what else we learn about this week!