Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gong Hey Fat Choy!

Gong Hey Fat Choy!

Our cardboard Dragon

Happy New Year Everyone!  

It's the year of the sheep --or is it the goat or the ram--and we're getting ready to celebrate, Little Mama-style.  We just took down our bin of Chinese New Year goodies, so let the festivities begin.

One of our favorite Chinese New Year traditions is the cardboard dragon...

Check out last year's dragon.

It all starts with a box.

Last year, we used a medium-sized cardboard box from Home Depot and glued a tagboard face to the front.  We cut out large eyes (big enough so the little ones can see!) for the head and taped a long roll of red butcher paper for the body.  

Colored tape, stickers and crepe paper made excellent decorations.

Little Mama parading the dragon around in the backyard

Grams happened to be in town that week, so you can imagine all the fun they had decorating away.

Whoa, what a dragon!  

We also made simple Chinese lanterns, using red paper, string and crepe paper, thanks to Grams.

She showed us how to fold a red sheet of paper in half and add cut lines for Little Mama to cut along.  But not to the end, or you'll end out with strips.  Yikes!


Snip, snip here - snip, snip there.

 Unwrap, roll around, and tape.  Add some hanging crepe paper and a looped string on top, 
and ta-da!  

A fancy lantern.

May you find peace, prosperity and good health in the New Year!