Friday, August 31, 2012

Community Week: Greatest city in America

On Baltimore benches - The Greatest City in America
I don't know about your community, but mine is a little rough around the edges, gritty, humble, yet definitely proud. You're likely to find people on busy intersections, asking for money, food, and a little help.  Today was about doing our part--even in a small way, of giving back to the community.

We started with a sandwich--a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich and brown lunch bags.  Little Mama and I decorated a few brown bags with crayons, and then she then helped me make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Well, she made one, I made five.

This sandwich stayed at home! 
I gave her a plastic knife, like a "big girl."  (I know, we talked about safety first).  She loved making the sandwich.  For a first-timer, she did a pretty good job spreading.  But, she loved even more, the assembly line.  I bagged sandwiches and she threw them into bags, along with other snacks and water bottles.  I threw in some extra toiletries we had from previous hotel stays and the bags were ready.  "We have to share our food," she repeated.

While we were driving in town, we passed them out to those we saw.  We didn't pass them all out, even though my husband circled the neighborhood several times.  As fate should have it, there weren't many people out.  But, I am hoping the message to Little Mama was clear.  Share; try.

Little Mama's doctor bag
This afternoon, Little Mama was a doctor.  I made a doctor bag, using a plastic bag, blue masking tape for the first aid cross, band aids, and cotton balls.  Blue masking tape has been my go-to these days!  Using her favorite teddy bear as the patient, she cleaned it's wounds with cotton balls and applied band aids.  This lasted a couple minutes, until it became an impromptus water activity.

I decided to give her a bowl of water to dip her cotton balls in to "clean the wounds" on the bear.  This quickly escalated into a water activity (more water, please).  We ditched the bear, added more water, and soaked the cotton balls.  I was able to make dinner (whew), just in time for wet cotton balls flying in the air.

Our Community Week has come to an end.  Little Mama helped recycle the cardboard tonight, we took down the sign, and said good-bye to a fun week.    


Anonymous said...

Your activites continue to inspire!...What a great job!

Just Another Mom from East L.A. said...

Aw, thank you!