Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cocoon Time

Our very hungry grapes-caterpillar

It's week two of Butterflies, Ladybugs, and Ants because we just can't seem to get enough.  We've had lots of fun with food lately.  Check out our grapes caterpillar above.  This guy, as well as several other iterations (think banana slices) showed up at mealtime nearly every day this week.

This next one looks scary (borderline gross) but it was still a hit.  It's a grapes-rasberry-blackberry butterfly.  Hmm...too gross?

I can't tell a lie.  Little Mama didn't want to eat the berries.  She did eat the grapes though.  One plus, right? husband pointed out the other night that I had forgotten to mention "his" activity with Little Mama: catching butterflies, or at least, trying.  They had a great time outside the other day chasing butterflies.  Although they never caught one, it sure sounded like a lot of fun outside.  And to think, this net was only a dollar at the Dollar Tree.  Ah, the simple things...

A few weeks back, we made a Bee book during Bee Week.  Little Mama still loves that thing even though its just a few sheets of paper stapled together.  We added a new one to our collection: a Butterfly Book.

 We had lots of fun making butterflies using heart shapes.  

 Here are some of the pages...

We traced her fingers to make the caterpillars.  She loved it and wanted me to make them over and over again.

Overall, lots of fun...

We've read lots of great books this past week.  However, one of Little Mama's favorites has been, From Caterpillar to Butterfly, by Deborah Heiligman.  She truly connected with this story.  It's about a classroom that gets a caterpillar and watches it grow.  Sounds a little familiar....we timed it so that our first reading of this story corresponded with the arrival of our own live caterpillars (see prior post).  The classroom is just like us, Little Mama!

Our caterpillars are still growing.  It looks like they've begun to build a cocoon around themselves.  How exciting.  Tonight, Little Mama asked if they are going to "nibble a little hole and push their way out" just like the Very Hungry Caterpillar.   They sure are.  It's countdown time!!


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What great fun!...just love the activities!